Extremely happy and proud to share that Yarki Studio’s ‘Summer Kingdom’, our in-development TV series for teenagers, was pitched at Cartoon Forum 2019!

We’ve already had an amazing experience of pitching the series for the first time at CEE Animation Forum in Třeboň, Czech Republic, and we were very excited to do it again! Specially for the Cartoon Forum our team is currently working on a 40-second trailer, telling about the main characters of the series and the fantasy world they are living in.

Summer Kingdom is currently one of the primary motivating forces for our studio. It’s been growing rapidly and becoming more suspenseful. It’s very precious for our team to work on the preparations for such major events and pitch in front of international animation professionals from the TV and new media industries.

The Cartoon Forum was held in Toulouse through 16-19 September 2019. Hundreds of projects found financing since the creation of the Forum in 1990. Producers pitched their projects in front of 1000 broadcasters, potential partners and investors from 40 countries. This was a significant moment for Yarki Kids and its upcoming project.